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img_6967My name is Dean Lefebvre. I am an instructor in the Dental Hygiene Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. I have been teaching full time since 2010 but I did teach a night class, continuing education courses and on a part-time basis since 1996. I still work occasionally during the summer months in private practice and I remain very involved in my profession volunteering on a number of committees, speaking at conferences and participating in a variety of events. I am passionate about community dentistry and helping those who experience many barriers in accessing care. Since 2011, I have organized a free Dental Day in Regina where dental professionals volunteer their time, skill and knowledge to make a difference within their community. To date we have provided care to over 500 patients and completed over $250,000 worth of dentistry for free. In September of 2018, I organized a group of dental professionals to go up to La Loche to provide care (Northern Dental Day). It was the most rewarding project I have ever been involved in and we are planning on returning in 2019. La Loche has the highest dental decay rates in not only Saskatchewan but in all of Canada! We saw 92 patients and made many new friends.

I am committed to lifelong learning as I have obtained my Bachelor of Science from the University of Saskatchewan, Diploma in Dental Hygiene from SIAST, Certificate in Adult Education and Training from the University of Regina, and soon my Masters of Adult Education from the University of Regina. I continue to further my skills and knowledge in Dental Hygiene by attending conferences and seminars. I volunteer on a number of committees both professionally and personally. I am an accreditation surveyor for the Commission of Dental Accreditation of Canada and reviewer for Dental Radiography: Principles and Techniques. I own my own business, Regina Preventative Dental Services, where I make custom-made sports mouth guards, night guards and tooth whitening.

img_20180630_203621639_hdrI am married to an amazing woman since 1998 who is incredibly supportive and patient with my busy lifestyle and we have two awesome children (14 and 17 years old) who continue to make me proud in what they do and accomplish. I coach my son in hockey which I thoroughly enjoy. When we do have free time, we enjoy travelling, going to the cottage during the summer months and spending time with family and friends.

Although I am not overly active in social media, you can follow me on Twitter at @pdlefebvre

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow! The free Dental Days (in Regina and La Loche) that you’ve worked to organize is nothing short of amazing. Way to go! That is a great story to read about and undoubtedly, making a huge impact on the communities you’ve touched. Looking forward to learning together this semester!


  2. Wow! Dental Day sounds amazing. I have never heard of it, but I am so happy you mentioned it in this post as it sounds like an amazing initiative. I also might need to talk to you about teeth whitening, haha! (okay, I am being serious!)


    1. Hi Kristina and thanks for the post. Dental Day is “my baby” and it is great to see how it continues to grow and make an impact on the communities we work with. There is going to be a national documentary done on it this next year to bring awareness on the disparities in health for indigenous people. As far as the bleaching, text me if interested at 306-737-0428 and I will give you a deal. This same system is over $350 at our office and I can do it for you for $175 total. This includes the custom trays that are $150 on their own. I can get a kit at cost and make the trays myself to save the money for you.


  3. Amazing! I know people who benefit from the free dental day Regina! A great initiative that helped many patients, especially, those that really avoid the dentist because they can’t afford it.


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