What are my 3 goals in this class?

The 3 goals I have in this class are :

  1. Expand my knowledge of the various online learning tools that I can use in my blended learning classes
  2. Learn how to motivate my students to become more self-directed in their learning and introduce gaming within the classroom to get them engaged in their learning
  3. Learn how to balance my workload so that I am not over-connected with the online options I have created. The more I add the harder I am working and it is taking me away from my family life a little more each year.

I do look forward to learning not only from Alec but my classmates who are already doing some great things!

One thought on “What are my 3 goals in this class?

  1. Hey Dean! Your goal #3 is on point! I feel the same way. I am a sucker for falling into a blackhole when I start doing something elaborate online and have a hard time being able to “walk away” until it is perfect. Now that I have 2 young kids at home, time management is a big goal for me as well.


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