Week 10 Final Course Submission

Lori Thibault and I created a YouTube video of our course walk through on Interprofessional Education.

Course Walkthrough

After reviewing the feedback from our peers, we made modifications to our course that included:

  • adding more pictures and descriptions to make our course more visually appealing.
  • a fun activity of an Escape Room that tested our student’s knowledge on the content from Lo1-3.

To Apply the students knowledge, we also had them involved in a practical exercise in LO4 that involved a case study in the form of a Powtoon video. This case study related to both the nursing and dental hygiene profession and required them to use each other to work through the guiding questions provided. With interprofessional problem based learning, it is important to design a scenario where students need to use one another to find the necessary information out.

Case Study

After completing the case study, the students evaluated individually and as a group how they worked as a team using the Interprofessional Competencies from the National Framework discussed in LO3.

Because Brightspace is the LMS used by Saskatchewan Polytechnic, we tried to utilize as many tools as we could to stimulate online discussions and offer multi-media formats for content delivery and responses. Online discussions and interactions are essential for interprofessional to be demonstrated. We also provided guiding questions to stimulate discussions and as instructors, we would have an online presence to ensure discussions would not deteriorate within the groups.

Retrieved from d2l.com

We had a lot of fun developing this course as Lori and I have not worked together before on a project and thought that interprofessionalism would be a great topic since we are both in the health care field and realize that our professions not only learn independently but also work this way as well. It gave us an opportunity to appreciate each others profession and learn more about Brightspace that has only been implemented for the last 2 years at our organization. What we both have learned will have lasting implications for our programs as we move forward in using Brightspace to improve the accessibility of our learners at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Retrieved from er.educause.edu

6 thoughts on “Week 10 Final Course Submission

  1. This sounds awesome! I love the idea of incorporating an escape room into your evaluation. Very cool idea and definitely a great way to engage students into your course. I really think this is very professional, well developed and easy to navigate course. Well done!


    1. Thanks Shelby. Lori did a great job on this and it is a fun way to engage the students in their learning. Anytime you can make learning fun, it will encourage students participation regardless of their age.


  2. Thank you for sharing Dean and Lori! I love the idea that although we teach at such different places we can share in this class and learn from each other, blended learning at its finest!. Who would have ever thought that a middle school teacher and a teacher at a higher learning facility would have such an opportunity. Your course is very well done. I appreciate you looking at your peer reviews and making the adaptions to enhance an already good product. I would like to learn more about the escape room and how I can incorporate the idea into my classroom. It has been a privilege working and learning from both of you. Colette


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