Summary of Learning – Class Wars

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This post is very short since I spent a lot of time on the video to follow that I hope you enjoy. When I started this class, I set 3 goals that I wished to accomplish. First, to expand my knowledge of various online tools that are used in online and blended courses. Check the first box. Alec and my classmates showed me the many different tools that are available most of which I used for the very first time. I definitely plan on using them again in the course I teach. Second, I wanted to learn how to motivate students to be more self-directed and engaged in their learning. I also believe that this goal was accomplished because Alec gave us many strategies and tips we could employ to engage and motivate our learners. My third goal was to find balance in my workload by not being “over-connected” with having blended courses. This is still a work in progress but by seeing the great educators I was able to work with in this class I have come to a greater appreciation of teachers and all they do. They work very hard to make learning fun for students and continue to learn themselves. I am privileged to have been associated with all of you and I want to encourage all of you to continue to do the great work you are all doing. We may not always feel appreciated for what we do but you are making a difference in so many lives. Bottom line is that teachers work hard and I have to learn to disconnect more when I am not working. Connected time can be monitored with analytics and I have to ensure that I watch how much I am connected. There is no question that having material online will increase the amount of work initially but if it makes the learning more meaningful, it will be worth it. How we teach is evolving as technology advances and our learners evolve. We too must change or risk being obsolete in our methods of delivery. I remember when there were overheads and slide projectors!

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Thank-you everyone for your guidance in my learning journey and sharing your skills and knowledge. Thank-you Alec for your continued guidance and I hope to cross paths with you again. Please take time to watch my 5.5 minute video entitled “Class Wars” that investigates the perils of educators having to decide to teach traditionally or embracing online and blended formats. Thanks for reading and watching!

Class Wars

8 thoughts on “Summary of Learning – Class Wars

  1. Love the pics of Alec in your summary. The light saber thing is hilarious. Well done Dean, you have covered all the bases. I too feel more confident moving forward, the only problem I have is how do I remember it all? I try a couple of new things and stick with them. Ideas as to how you are going to integrate the different apps and sites?


    1. Thanks. Because I am dealing with adult learners I will stick to the ones that are age appropriate. You are right that it can be overwhelming with the choices but until you try them out, you will never really know. I appreciate you reading and commenting


  2. I love the theme of the summary! Very well done and I can tell you put a lot of work into this project. I think you do an excellent job of summing up your learning and takeaways from the course. i thought you made a great point in your post as well about being “over-connected”. I find this really difficult as well, and sometimes I catch myself answering student questions or emails at 10:30 on a school night and think, “what am I doing?” There definitely needs to be balance with how connected we are as teachers outside of the classroom and I think that is a really interesting point as our classes become more blended and accessible. How do we keep that work-life balance when students are no longer constricted by a regular school day?
    Great post, and I have really enjoyed working with you again Dean! Hope to catch you in another class soon!


    1. Thanks for your comments Shelby. Work-life balance is still a struggle for me and what my organization is talking about is including online hours into our student contact hours and course hours. I think this will help and we as educators maybe need to set online hours as well. This is hard because what about those students who have questions or concerns outside of those hours? I appreciate your efforts as well and see how hard you work for your students as well. This is my 10th class so I am done!😁 I wish you all the best in your other courses and hope to cross paths again. Take care


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